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  1. Amerco Rentals - Self Storage Charlottetown

    University Ave Charlottetown PE

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    Amerco Rentals - Self Storage Charlottetown

    University Ave Charlottetown PE

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Self Storage Units Charlottetown, PE

For a smaller city, Charlottetown, PEI actually has a number of different self-storage facility options. Having a selection to choose from is great, because it offers you flexibility and provides a better chance of finding a storage option that meets your needs. And, although Charlottetown may not be the largest city, it still makes using self-storage units easier when you know you can find one located as close to your preferred area as possible! provides you with the tools to locate and research the many storage options in Charlottetown, PEI. Locate prospective storage facilities on the map to find one in your preferred area. Use the list of self-storage facilities with all of their contact information to find out which facility offers the features you need. Finding the perfect storage option to meet your needs doesn't have to be a chore. It can be as easy as crossing Confederation Bridge!

Finding Car Storage in Charlottetown

Cars, Boats, and RVs, OH MY! Are you looking for a place to store a vehicle to clear up space in your driveway or garage? Many storage facilities offer vehicle storage for all different kinds of motorized vehicles. With around-the-clock security features and drive-up access, using self-storage facilities for vehicle storage can be easy and safe. With such an easy storage option, you can take every excuse to get out and enjoy all that PEI has to offer. Take the boat out for some fishing, take a scenic drive around the Island, or plan a family trip through some of the other Maritime Provinces. Whatever your adventure, you'll know that your vehicle is ready and waiting (and easily accessible) in storage!

Cheap Student Storage in PEI

Being a student isn't always easy on the bank account. So much of your time is spent focused on schoolwork and often you mostly see cash flowing out rather than into the bank. Fortunately, there are a number of cheap storage options in Charlottetown. Whether you're looking for a place to store some of those extra odds and ends that always seem to just be taking up space, or if you're heading home for the summer and need a place to keep your stuff for when you return to school next year, affordable, self-storage units are a great option. By exploring and comparing various storage facilities, you can find the most affordable storage options for you to clear up some space and safely store your belongings while saving a few dollars every month foryou’re your other financial needs...and that's no small potatoes!

Climate-Controlled Storage

Not to state the obvious, but Prince Edward ISLAND is surrounded by water! This means many different things: great fishing and water-sports opportunities; scenic and quaint harbours; and moisture, moisture, MOISTURE! Don't let all that moisture affect your belongings in storage. Climate-controlled storage units help to protect your personal treasures from the elements –like water or varying temperatures – and maintain a regulated environment within the unit. Don't let uncontrollable elements ruin your belongings...take back control with climate-controlled storage options and rest easy knowing that your memories and belongings are safe and dry!